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  • Odessa, TX
    Last On: 7 hours ago
    Published by Hitomi


  • Saddle Brook, NJ
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    Hi guys
    Published by Cinthya

    Hello babys I’m visiting saddle brook north jersey for short time come to visit me baby❤️❤️

  • Lexington, KY
    Last On: 2 hours ago
    Wednesday Night in Lexington
    Published by HotNikki

    Just hanging out? Me too!
    Wanna hang out together?
    I’m a down to earth country girl in Lexington that loves the company of men, woman, and couples.
    I like to play and have fun.
    Let me know if you’re interested in having fun.

  • Tampa, FL
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    Let's play baby!

    Thanks to put your attention on me; I feel very special 🥰
    Actually I am traveling around the america 🇺🇸
    I hope to be visiting your city next summer.

    But We could know each other though by my

    Subscribe to be in contact. Exclusive content only for my special guest... YOU!

    The Fabolous Megan

  • Miami, FL
    Last On: 24 Apr, 23:22
    If you out there ? I am here in Miami come
    Published by Ange

    For all the loved I am waiting to share my passion , with , I am still in Miami Beach until Monday so come to me and let us fall, 🔥 burn in the heat of lust and passion. When your chest on my Brest . Your arms holding me tied and our lips 👄 kissing . I will leave the rest to your imagination. But please baby do not Go G Rated with your wild thoughts of me . I am yours for this moment of time in our life so let make it the most beautiful moment. I am yours and you are mine …..forever in our mind and imagination xox

  • Miami, FL
    Last On: 24 Apr, 23:22
    Men best attitude ever
    Published by Ange

    What I love about men here ! Part from the great looks . Tanned body’s and great shape, I love the Latin men attitude and their level of acceptance. I never been with Latin or black or all the different nationalities I meet here ! But now I a have falling in love with them ! The passion, kisses. Touch and the way they handle my body . It feels like love making every time .

  • Miami, FL
    Last On: 24 Apr, 23:22
    Miami ! What is it like
    Published by Ange

    It place I fall in love with ! As my journey with TS escourt and they webs that run under was nightmare. I still kept positive attitude and things worked well . By just been where ever place I went club, bar , beach , I had great amount of male fans that I tured to lovers . It always same story . Men can’t tell that I am trans and they always after me ! That part I love but until now every man I told ! Was” oh my God are you serious “ then tured to can I see it … can I touch it … can in s…. It lol . Yes baby you can but it will cost you my darling xxxx leave it to your imagination

  • Miami, FL
    Last On: 24 Apr, 23:22
    Part 4
    Published by Ange

    When I arrived to Miami same sad story TS *** deleted my profile agin and here I am in Miami without ad! So I went to Adult search spent $218 to creat profile ! The profile was there for only 3 hours where my phone gone crazy and guss what ?’ The ad got taken out ! It not there any more after 4 days of Emil’s I was asked to spent more money !! But I just spent $218 and the ad was there for 3 hours only ! Tried to call and it the same voice message on TS ***! So clearly all this web are same mafia gan that run it to steal girls money and if you not Spanish good luck !

  • Miami, FL
    Last On: 24 Apr, 23:22
    Part 3 my story with TS escourt web
    Published by Ange

    By this time it over 2 months no work and only money get paid by keep trying to open new profile and pay for and to last for 2 days and got bannd agin and agin and agin ! Thanks god there was TS 4 Rent and Eros that help me to keep going . I tried to find out it owned my the mafia that run TS escourt web just under diffrent name and same story !! Got my money stolen and the ad never there ! Resently I found my number with different photos and different location !! I do belive it their work to creat this confusing!

  • Miami, FL
    Last On: 24 Apr, 23:22
    Part 2,my tour story with web TS escourt !
    Published by Ange

    When my new ad got approved on Monday on TS escourt web . I had 3 jobs and the nightmare is over only 2 days and got bannd agin and my money stolen same story . No communication no respond to my calls . After 2 week of trying to get to them I was told I was bannd for spamming!!! Spamming what’ve? They stolen my money and deleted my ad. They asked me to submit my Id driver license passport!! Then change phone number I got new phone number anothe 90 and got it set agin to work for few days then bannd for the 3th time ! Clearly stolen my money agin . Cal and call and more callls finaly to tell me I was bannd for life !!!! Why . Spamming and Chang location !! So many calls no hope . I got anothe

  • Miami, FL
    Last On: 24 Apr, 23:22
    I found myself in the middle of my most wild dream
    Published by Ange

    Sun, beautiful beaches and some of the most beautiful men I have ever seen or been with ! I have to say my experience with web TS escourt was one of the wors experiences ever . I have my profiles been deleted for no reason over 6 times . Stealing my money and not communicating. I am no Spanish speaker! I believe that has allot to do with it. With my first tour ever to Chicago the deleted my profile! So after paying hotel, flights , Uber to get to my hotel room and got banned! Why ? Change of location !!! What the f ? No refund just stole my money and left me in the hotel with no work . It was the weekend .I have 2 phone . I put new ad , clearly paid agin . It got approved my Monday !

  • Chicago, IL
    Last On: Private
    💋It's Hump Day!!!💋💋💋💋💋
    Published by Sayuri

    🪷good morning babe💋🪷💋🪷💋🪷

  • Raleigh, NC
    Last On: 23 Apr, 13:25
    Visting the Durham area
    Published by Myajones

    Morning guys TS Mya in town for a few days looking for fun. I’m able to host and I’m also mobile young hung and ready for fine. I’m fully versatile and fully loaded nice full lips with a curvy body bubble, Butt, and hung tool just for you

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